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Training Costs

Training Fees

Mark Bradstock Racing offers two options for horses in training which are designed to suit the needs and budgets of different owners.

We understand that owning a racehorse sounds like an expensive pastime, but with various ownership options available, it’s now more viable than ever, and we are well equipped to help you realise your ambitions. Just talk to our current owners!

Option one:

You will be charged a daily rate for the horse’s training. Each horse has a carefully devised programme, and depending on their needs, they may be ridden six days a week or twice a day, depending on their progress and mindset. It’s important to add that their training programme will vary accordingly to ensure they are kept in top condition mentally as well as physically fit.

In addition to this training fee, you will also be charged for any necessary vets fees, as well as essential visits from the farrier and other therapists such as dental technicians and equine physios. You will also need to pay for use of the gallops, Weatherbys and race fees, jockey fees and other incidental costs. Transport charges will also apply, although these are discounted.

Option two:

If you would prefer to be charged a set fee per month so that you can plan your budget more systematically, we have an all-inclusive option that might be more suitable. With this option, you will be charged a monthly fee which covers all expenses apart from major vets fees, Weatherbys and race fees and discounted transport costs.

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It’s important to note that all fees are subject to VAT, however as we are sponsored by digital marketing agency, equimedia, this is reclaimable, and our accountant is tireless in his efforts to ensure that owners can recover this cost.

If you would like to discuss placing your horse with us and our fees in detail please do call us on 01235 760780.

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